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How to do a 540 on wakeboard

With wakeboarding the toeside frontside 540 is probably your easiest 540 you can learn. It is important that before you try this trick on a wakeboard you have a solid wake to wake 360 and toeside jump.

Your approach to the toe 5 is exactly the same as a regular toeside wake to wake jump. Once you reach to the top of the wake you pop of as you would normally. As you get in the air you will pull with your back hand and go for the first handle pass. Once you got the handle behind your back continue to turn and grab the handle with your other hand.

Spot your landing and ride away.

Note: Important always focus on the handle instead of focusing too much on the turning part. This will come automatically as you reach for the handle.

How to do a scarecrow on wakeboard

A scarecrow on a wakeboard is a basic frontroll with a 180 turn.

Before you attempt this trick on your wakeboard you want to have a solid toeside wake to wake jump plus toeside 180 wake to wake. Once mastering these two tricks its time to try and land a scarecrow behind the boat.

You will start of with a slightly more aggressive cut then your regular toe wake to wake. Once you get to the top of the wake you want to pop forward and push your hips above your head. (The same as a normal frontflip on the trampoline) Once you tip over you want to let go of your front hand to help you spin the 180. After doing the rotation in the air spot your landing and ride away.