Most common injuries with wakeboarding.. And how to prevent them

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Like with many sports in Dubai there are obviously some risks involved when it comes to wakeboarding and wake surfing. Flying through the air and cruising at high speeds on the water can cause some serious falls which could lead to injuries if you don’t take the necessary safety precautions. Lets take a look at some of the most common injuries of wakeboarding and wake surfing as well as ways to prevent them.

The most common wakeboarding injuries are ACL tears, shoulder dislocations, ankle sprains and lacerations – with the head and face being the most commonly injured areas. This is because of the chance of “catching an edge” on a wakeboard.

Now lets take a look at some of the ways we could prevent some of these wakeboard and wake surf injuries:

1) Always wear the correct safety equipment life vest etc.
2) Use proper high quality equipment, especially your bindings, it is extremely important that they are well fitted and provide strong support for your ankles
3) Get trained by a professional coach
4) Always check your towline
5) Get physically fit, do some strength exercises off the water to be able to take the hits and minimize your exhaustion level
6) Make sure the driver is well trained and experienced. He/she plays a vital roll in deciding on the appropriate speed of the boat and stopping ability if something were to go wrong. There is the famous saying “the driver does half the job of the wakeboarder”.

With that being said wakeboarding and wake surfing are extremely fun sports to practice and completely safe with the right professional coaching and safety precautions you shouldn’t have a worry in your mind. Have fun on the water in sunny Dubai.

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