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Most common injuries with wakeboarding.. And how to prevent them

April 6, 2015
Like with many sports in Dubai there are obviously some risks involved when it comes to wakeboarding and wake surfing. Flying through the air and cruising at high speeds on the water can cause some serious falls which could lead to injuries if you don’t take the necessary safety precautions. Lets take a look at some of the most common injuries of wakeboarding and wake surfing as well as ways to prevent them. The most common wakeboarding injuries are ACL tears, shoulder dislocations, ankle sprains and lacerations – with the head and face being the most commonly injured areas. This is because of the chance of “catching an edge” on a wakeboard. Now lets take a look at some of the ways we could prevent some of these wakeboard and wake surf injuries: 1) Always wear the correct safety equipment life vest etc. 2) Use proper high quality equipment, especially your bindings, it is extremely important that they are well fitted and provide strong support for your ankles 3) Get trained by a professional coach 4) Always check your towline 5) Get physically fit, do some strength exercises off the water to be able to take the hits and minimize your exhaustion level 6) Make sure the driver is well trained and experienced. He/she plays a vital roll in deciding on the appropriate speed of the boat and stopping ability if something were to go wrong. There is the famous saying “the driver does half the job of the wakeboarder”. With that being said wakeboarding and wake surfing are extremely fun sports to practice and completely safe with the right professional coaching and safety precautions you shouldn’t have a worry in your mind. Have fun on the water in sunny Dubai.

Interview with Hype Magazine

April 6, 2015
Hype is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about nightlife in the Emirates. Packed with all the latest clubs, events and local music news, interviews and features, it’s the only magazine you’ll need for a great night out or the lowdown on that must-see concert, festival or gig.

Why We Love Wakeboarding (And You Should, Too!)

February 12, 2015
Try I first tried wakeboarding on my honeymoon and I fell down a lot. I can surf, so you’d think I wouldn’t struggle too much (board plus water equals fun, right?) but I couldn’t get used to the idea of not pulling the rope, for some reason, and that makes you fall forward. Anyway, fast forward a couple of years and apparently the memories of falling forward a lot yet, in defiance of physics and biology as I understand them, somehow getting lots of water up my nose have faded. Somehow, the idea of being strapped to a board rather than just tied to it, as in surfing, seems appealing again. Time to hit the surf wake(s(?))! Try Again Somehow, this time, I got it right. Wind and spray whipping through my hair, things suddenly don’t seem too bad at all and I can’t even remember how I screwed up wakeboarding so badly last time. I was in Dubai this time and as soon as I got back home I started trying to find a place locally that did wakeboarding (another advantage over surfing: You don’t need to live near the sea. Any big stretch of water will do!) and fortunately was able to. Now I’m an addict. Advantages of wakeboarding The advantages of wakeboarding are endless. As I already mentioned, it’s more easily accessible than surfing for when you’ve just got to get in the water with a board. It’s also – my experience notwithstanding – a little easier to pick up. You also never have to spend hours in the water waiting for the right wave. Instead, someone goes ahead of you in a boat and creates waves for you, so it’s good if you’re impatient or you don’t have a lot of time (I live in London. Enough said.). In some places, you’re towed along by a cable or winch, so you don’t even have to worry about getting someone to drive the boat for you. These places usually have jumps and obstacles rather than waves but you can still have a lot of fun! Like any regular physical activity, wakeboarding is good for you, working your back and leg muscles pretty hard, especially. It’s also got an amazing amount of complexity to it, with all the familiar ‘grab’ tricks from skate- and snowboarding that everyone who grew up playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater will remember trying to do once and breaking a tooth (sidenote: I have never broken anything while wakeboarding). It also has a whole load of its own moves, varying according to whether you’re doing tricks on the surface, off a wake or wave, or off a stationary jump. You can check out a wide variety here: They range from ‘My grandma could do that’ to ‘Buzz Lightyear couldn’t do that’. Something for everyone, really. Homework! For more info on wakeboarding, check out 10 Myths About Wakeboarding if you’re not convinced or the official site of the World Wakeboard Association (the acronym is WWA,

Learning how to Wakeboard in Dubai

January 29, 2015
Wakeboarding is a water sport that involves riding a special board, known as a wake board over the surface of a water body. The sport is a combination of three sports: water skiing, surfing and snowboarding. A rider is normally towed behind a motorboat racing over the water surface at speeds of 30 to 40 kilometers per hour and the sport is ideal for both kids and adults. Wake boarding is particularly common in tourist destinations synonymous with water sports such as the United Arab Emirates. Before hitting the water around the world, we recommend that you first learn how to wake board in Dubai. Wake Evolution is the guaranteed to get you off your feet and into the water on one of our professional boards. Wake Evolution offers professional coaching on how to wake board, as well as wake surfing and wake skating. The coaching is ideal for all age groups and our certified instructors will take you through everything you need to know to glide through the water. Why get lessons on how to Wake board in Dubai? To enhance our riders coaching experience, Wake evolution has partnered with www.liquidforce.com one of the best board manufacturers. This partnership has allowed Wake evolution to acquire the best wake boards in Dubai and other wake boarding equipment required for the sport. Hence, learning how to wake board in Dubai is both exciting and easy with Wake Evolution. We are the most passionate people you can find in the region so we understand if you have the same passion and we will definitely help you to acquire it. If you can walk, technically you can wakeboard, so in this regard, kids can also enjoy the thrill of learning how to wake board in Dubai through the Wake evolution offers its services at affordable rates so weather you want to try one session or take up the wake boarding as a hobby we are able to help with your needs. Wake Evolution works with certified wakeboard coaches to offer lessons on how to wake board in Dubai. In addition, we partnered with the wake park world championships held in Abu Dhabi which brought together wake boarders from over 25 countries so we are well versed with the requirements for both professionals and amateurs. This is a good opportunity for those who had learnt how to wake board in Dubai to put in to practice what they had learnt and is also heling to raise the profile of the sport. Wake Evolution uses a mastercraft X2 wake board boat for coaching and understands that learning how to wake board in Dubai is not sufficient to provide holistic entertainment to clients. This is why there are other services offered. These services include paddle boarding, kayaking, accommodation, barbeque, massage and Yoga. With a collection of some of the best wakeboarders in Dubai and affordable , Wake Evolution is a leader in the wakeboard coaching industry in the UAE.

10 Myths About Wakeboarding

January 23, 2015
Wakeboarding is a water sport that involves riding a wakeboard over the water surface involving a motorboat, a rider and as the sport implies, a wakeboard. The rider is usually pulled or towed behind the boat speeding at about 18 to 25 miles per hour. Over the years wakeboarding has become one of the most practiced surface water sport in areas like Dubai, that offer the perfect environment. Many myths have been told about the sport but fear not because we are here to unveil the truth: Myth 1 – Wakeboarding is Dangerous Just like many sports have their risks wakeboarding too has its own risks but that does not mean that the sport is in any way dangerous or life threatening. And like any other sport, with practice, you will understand how to enjoy it safely and to the full. As long as you follow the right procedures and take the necessary precaution wakeboarding is definitely safe! Myth 2: I am a pro kite boarder or a snowboarder, so I don’t need lessons to wakeboard You can be very good at snowboarding, kite boarding or skateboarding but that does not mean you are ready to pick up a wakeboard and go. Every sport has its own unique rules so when wakeboarding you need to drop what you know and play by its rules. Myth 3: I am too heavy to wakeboard and I need to be in shape It’s good to be in shape, but that does not mean you need to spend hours at the gym pumping your muscles so you can wakeboard. As previously mentioned, wake boarding involves a wakeboard, a motorboat and you the rider, it’s not a one man job so whether you are unfit or not you can wakeboard because the heavy work is being done for you! Myth 4: Wakeboarding is expensive Well wakeboarding is not expensive as such when you consider all the costs involved. Its affordable and anyone who can spare as little as 150 dirhams can start wakeboarding in Dubai. The price usually varies depending on the time you spend on the water and your riding level! The good news is, the most expensive part of wakeboarding, that is owning the motor boat, is rented out by companies such as Wake Evolution. Myth 5: Wakeboarding is a sport only for men Hell no! Wakeboarding is a sport meant for anyone with skill and passion to learn the sport. With practice and dedication, anyone can learn to wakeboard! Myth 6: You need to be an adult or be strong to wakeboard Wakeboarding is not like football that requires you to be tall and strong to participate. I am 5.0 feet tall and weigh around 156 pounds and I feel like a champion on the water! The size of the board and the length of the rope pulling you behind the boat will be adjusted for each person depending on your measurements. In fact, kids are generally the best students as they

Wakeboarding in Dubai: A great way to get fit and lose weight

January 17, 2015
Exercise more, lose weight, start a new hobby, meet new people….what do all these 2015 New Year’s resolutions have in common? You can achieve them all by taking part in wakeboarding in Dubai of course! Water sports are a great way to get fit, involving swimming as well as the physical exertion of doing the activity itself.  Swimming is a highly recommended form of exercise, helping us to build muscles, get the heart pumping, while placing little or no strain on the joints. In addition to helping you stay physically healthy, water based exercise, including wakeboarding, is recognised for improving mental health. With an extensive coastline along the calm seas of the Persian Gulf, the United Arab Emirates are a perfect spot for wakeboaring and wakesurfing, with a large variety of destinations including Dubai and Umm al Quwain, leaving you truly spoilt for choice! Water based  activities could include kite surfing, paragliding, wind surfing & paddle boarding but we like to stick to our speciality of wakeboarding & wakesurfing. Wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water whilst being towed by a power boat. It is a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques. In addition to exercising major muscle groups including your legs, shoulders, arms and torso, wakeboarding can help you improve your coordination and flexibility. Wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing water sports in Dubai, and can be enjoyed by the whole family! Here at Wake Evolution, we specialize in coaching groups of all ages including special classes for young children, from as little as AED200 per lesson. School groups are also catered for whilst coaching for more advanced riders is overseen by experienced and certified wake boarder, Michel Peltier. For more information on the packages available for children and schools, visit our Kids School section. Of course, it is not just families who benefit from choosing wakeboarding as their water sport! Wakeboarding in Dubai is a fun activity for your and your friends too, so come along, and enjoy a day of sun, sea, and wakeboarding! Whatever your age and wakeboarding ability, Wake Evolution is your first step in the right direction to starting water sports in Dubai. For more information on the services we offer, including hire charges and rates, click here So what are your waiting for….book now!! And who said getting fit is all hard work and no play? Contact Wake Evolution today!