10 Myths About Wakeboarding

By Roel 6 years ago
Wakeboarding in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and rest of UAE

Wakeboarding is a water sport that involves riding a wakeboard over the water surface involving a motorboat, a rider and as the sport implies, a wakeboard. The rider is usually pulled or towed behind the boat speeding at about 18 to 25 miles per hour. Over the years wakeboarding has become one of the most practiced surface water sport in areas like Dubai, that offer the perfect environment. Many myths have been told about the sport but fear not because we are here to unveil the truth:

Myth 1 – Wakeboarding is Dangerous
Just like many sports have their risks wakeboarding too has its own risks but that does not mean that the sport is in any way dangerous or life threatening. And like any other sport, with practice, you will understand how to enjoy it safely and to the full. As long as you follow the right procedures and take the necessary precaution wakeboarding is definitely safe!

Myth 2: I am a pro kite boarder or a snowboarder, so I don’t need lessons to wakeboard
You can be very good at snowboarding, kite boarding or skateboarding but that does not mean you are ready to pick up a wakeboard and go. Every sport has its own unique rules so when wakeboarding you need to drop what you know and play by its rules.

Myth 3: I am too heavy to wakeboard and I need to be in shape
It’s good to be in shape, but that does not mean you need to spend hours at the gym pumping your muscles so you can wakeboard. As previously mentioned, wake boarding involves a wakeboard, a motorboat and you the rider, it’s not a one man job so whether you are unfit or not you can wakeboard because the heavy work is being done for you!

Myth 4: Wakeboarding is expensive
Well wakeboarding is not expensive as such when you consider all the costs involved. Its affordable and anyone who can spare as little as 150 dirhams can start wakeboarding in Dubai. The price usually varies depending on the time you spend on the water and your riding level! The good news is, the most expensive part of wakeboarding, that is owning the motor boat, is rented out by companies such as Wake Evolution.

Myth 5: Wakeboarding is a sport only for men
Hell no! Wakeboarding is a sport meant for anyone with skill and passion to learn the sport. With practice and dedication, anyone can learn to wakeboard!

Myth 6: You need to be an adult or be strong to wakeboard
Wakeboarding is not like football that requires you to be tall and strong to participate. I am 5.0 feet tall and weigh around 156 pounds and I feel like a champion on the water! The size of the board and the length of the rope pulling you behind the boat will be adjusted for each person depending on your measurements. In fact, kids are generally the best students as they are most willing to learn and are not scared to go for it!

Myth 7. You need an ocean to wakeboard
False! Wake boarding can be done on any good sized body of water, be it a river, estuary or lake. Dubai is a perfect place due to its extensive coastline, all year round flat waters and good weather.
Myth 8: I have never been good at any water sports I tried. I don’t think I have the talent to manage wakeboarding.
Wakeboarding is 10% guts, 30% skill and 60% training. Anyone who has passion can wakeboard as long as you take lessons and practice – after your first ride you will remove the fear factor that so many people have and focus on working on your skills!

Myth 9: Wakeboarding is not a legit sport
As a matter of fact it is legit and it was developed from a combinations of surfing and snowboarding. Many people have made a living out of the sport, starting from a passion and the dedication to do it, they have turned wakeboarding into a professional career. There are also many professional competitions all over the world as well as here in the UAE such as the Abu Dhabi World Championships held last November.

Myth 10: Wakeboarding is obsolete in some countries
False again! Wake boarding is practiced in all countries around the world that have water to ride on and motor boats available. Countries like the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Africa are home to some to of the best wakeboarders in the world! Check out some top destinations here.

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